Stop Wasting Food

Did you know that about 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year? That’s enough to feed 3 billion people!

I’d like to encourage you to watch the TEDx talk by Selina Juul – founder of the Danish consumer movement Stop Spild af Mad (Stop Wasting Food) – about food waste:

When I moved out from home I wasted my fair share of food. Not because I didn’t care about the food or the money I spend buying it, but because I wasn’t smart about my food shopping. I’d look up recipes that I wanted to cook, buy every ingredient listed and repeat the next day. It doesn’t take a genious to see that my approach was problematic in terms of food waste. I hardly ever considered the leftover sour cream, half head of lettuce or the open package of bacon already lying in my fridge with the result that those things went straight into the garbage a few days later.
My cooking has changed a lot since then and the most prominent way is probably that I always consider what I have that needs to be used up before I decide what I’m going to cook.

It might seem boring but I honestly love the challenge of making the best out of what I already have.

I’ve gotten a lot better at adapting recipes to make them fit with the contents of my fridge instead of doing it the other way around.

I’m hoping to create a lot of creative inspiration as far as recipes and ideas go, and I’ll be sure to list all “Stop Wasting Food”-related posts and recipes on this page as I get on with the project.

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